TTTS Treatment in the UK

twin2twin have been notified of the following hospitals offering treatment for TTTS. If you know of additional hospitals not listed here, please let us know by email


Treatment Centre City Index


  1 Glasgow

  2 Newcastle

  3 Manchester

  4 Liverpool

  5 Sheffield

  6 Nottingham

  7 Birmingham

  8 Cardiff

  9 Bristol

10 London

11 Southampton

12 Portsmouth

Queen Charlotte's & Chelsea Hospital

Centre for Fetal Care, Gold Hawk Road, London W6

Tel: 0208 383 3998

The Unit at Queen Charlotte's has a great deal of experience and carry out some very important research. Their preferred treatment is serial amnioreduction.

Professor Nicholas Fisk is a leading and much respected authority on the syndrome and has written many papers on the subject.

St. George's Hospital, Fetal Medicine Unit, London

Fetal Medicine Unit, Blackshaw Road, London, SW17 0QT

Tel: 0208 672 1255, Fax: 0208 672 5304

The Fetal Medicine Unit at St. George's has been using Laser Fetoscopy as the preferred method of treatment under the diretion of Dr. Yves Ville - one of Europe's leading experts. Dr. Ville has now moved to the University Hospital of Poissy, France.

University College London

DEPT OB GYN (University College London), 86-96 CHENIES MEWS, LONDON WCIE 6HX, UK

TEL: 0207 2096053 ext. 6057, FAX: 0207 383 7429

Conatct: Dr. Eric Jauniaux, Reader in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr. Jauniaux and colleagues use serial aggressive amnioreduction to treat TTTS and have recently published a paper on the new method of thermocoagulation of vessels as an alternative to laser in extremely severe cases of TTTS. From December 1998 a new Twin Clinic will start for local and referral patients.

The Harris Birthright Research Centre for Fetal Medicine

Kings College School of Medicine, Denmark Hill, London SE5 8RX

Tel: 0207 924 0894, Fax: 0207 738 3740

The TTTS unit at Kings have carried out pioneering amnioreduction and laser treatment.

Professor Kypros Nicolaides is a leading authority on the syndrome and has written many papers on the subject, particularly with regard to the use of laser treatment.

To Be Updated:

St. Mary's Hospital for Women & Children, Manchester

Liverpool Women's Hospital

Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral

Birmingham Women's Hospital

Queen Mother's Hospital, Glasgow

Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham, Fetal Medicine Centre

Southampton General Hospital, Fetal Medicine Unit

St. Mary's Hospital. Portsmouth

Northern General Hospital, Sheffield

Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne

University Hospital in Wales, Cardiff

St. Michael's Hospital, Bristol


We also have details of several treatment centres throughout Europe and the world. Contact us for further information.